The Ogie™ Mask

Finally an open ear face mask...

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The Ogie Advantage

Unobstructed Hearing: Enjoy hunting with unobstructed hearing capabilities.

Open Ear Design: Benefit from our innovative open ear design for optimal sound perception.

Minimize Movement: Reduce unnecessary movement to stay stealthy during hunts.

Clear Crisp Sound: Experience clear and crisp sound quality on your hunting adventures.

No Fabric Rubbing Noise: Eliminate fabric rubbing noise in your ears, ensuring maximum stealth.

Ability to Cover Your Ears: Maintain flexibility with the option to cover your ears when needed.

Scent Control: Stay undetected with effective scent control technology.

Comfortable Material for Glasses: Enjoy comfort while wearing glasses with our mask.

Stretch Material: Our stretch material ensures a secure fit that won't shift during your hunt.

All Seasons Comfort: Stay comfortable in all seasons, whether it's warm or cold.

Virtual Concealment with Custom Camouflage: Achieve virtual concealment with custom camouflage patterns.

Moisture Control for Hot Hunts: Stay dry during hot hunts with our moisture control feature.

Hearing Aid and Game Ear Friendly: Our mask is compatible with hearing aids and game ears.

One Size Fits Most: With a one-size-fits-most design, our mask suits a wide range of users.

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The Ogie™ Mask adds almost no weight to your pack and can easily fit in your pocket when not in use.

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