The Ogie™ Mask - Open Ear Face Mask - White
The Ogie™ Mask - Open Ear Face Mask - White
The Ogie™ Mask - Open Ear Face Mask - White

The Ogie™ Mask - Open Ear Face Mask - White

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Explore Our Versatile Hunting Masks for Different Weather Conditions

Discover the Perfect Warm Weather Mask: Stay Comfortable in All Climates

Our Warm Weather Mask is designed to enhance your hunting experience, providing comfort in both warm and cool conditions. This moisture-wicking marvel is an ideal choice for archery deer season, turkey season, and any adventure in warmer climates. With a one-size-fits-all design, it ensures a snug and comfortable fit for all hunters.

Stay Cozy with Our Cool Weather Mask: Embrace Cold Weather Hunting

For those late-season hunts in colder climates, our Cool Weather Mask is your perfect companion. Crafted from thicker materials and featuring a cozy fleece interior, it's designed to keep you warm and comfortable during chilly outings. This one-size-fits-most mask ensures you're well-prepared for your cold weather hunting endeavors.

Don't let weather extremes affect your hunting experience. Choose the right hunting mask for your climate, and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest


Unobstructed Hearing: Enjoy hunting with unobstructed hearing capabilities. 

Open Ear Design: Benefit from our innovative open ear design for optimal sound perception.

Minimize Movement: Reduce unnecessary movement to stay stealthy during hunts.

Clear Crisp Sound: Experience clear and crisp sound quality on your hunting adventures.

No Fabric Rubbing Noise: Eliminate fabric rubbing noise in your ears, ensuring maximum stealth.

Ability to Cover Your Ears: Maintain flexibility with the option to cover your ears when needed.

Scent Control: Stay undetected with effective scent control technology.

Comfortable Material for Glasses: Enjoy comfort while wearing glasses with our mask.

Stretch Material: Our stretch material ensures a secure fit that won't shift during your hunt.

All Seasons Comfort: Stay comfortable in all seasons, whether it's warm or cold.

Virtual Concealment with Custom Camouflage: Achieve virtual concealment with custom camouflage patterns.

Moisture Control for Hot Hunts: Stay dry during hot hunts with our moisture control feature.

Hearing Aid and Game Ear Friendly: Our mask is compatible with hearing aids and game ears.

One Size Fits Most: With a one-size-fits-most design, our mask suits a wide range of users.