The Ogie™ Mask



Introducing the OGIE™ Open Ear Hunting Face Mask - Elevate Your Hunt!

Tired of subpar hunting masks compromising your outdoor experience? Meet the OGIE™ Mask, a game-changer in hunting gear. The OGIE™ Mask offers the ultimate solution for hunters seeking comfort, concealment, and unrivaled auditory precision.

Traditional hunting masks often fall short with their tiny holes that limit sound perception, leading to discomfort during extended hunts. In contrast, the OGIE™ Mask seamlessly integrates into your gear, revolutionizing your hunting adventure. Featuring our patented ear flap design, it allows effortless adjustments, ensuring crystal-clear hearing throughout your pursuit of whitetail deer, turkeys, or waterfowl. Say goodbye to the muffled sound that plagues regular masks, and stay focused on your hunt with the OGIE™ Mask securely in place.


Some of the benefits of the Ogie™ Mask are:

Un-obstructed hearing 
Open ear design 
Minimize movement 
Clear crisp sound 
No fabric rubbing noise in your ears 
Ability to cover your ears if needed 
Scent Control 
Comfortable material for glasses 
Stretch material so set the mask so it won’t move. 
All seasons comfort 
Virtual concealment with custom camouflage 
Moisture control for hot hunts 
*Hearing aid and game ear friendly* 
One size fits most 
    Even the slightest fabric covering your ears can result in disruptive rubbing noises that may alert your prey. We recognize that these minor disturbances can be the difference between success and disappointment in the field. The OGIE™ Mask's open ear design eliminates rubbing noises, enhancing your stealth and accuracy. You won't experience discomfort from fabric interfering with your hearing aid or game ear, thanks to the easy-to-raise ear flap that exposes your ears. Our user-friendly guidelines guarantee quick and precise mask placement every time.
    Crafted from lightweight stretch material, the OGIE™ Mask ensures comfort during your longest hunts. It offers a snug fit for bow hunting without snags while remaining loose enough for all-day wear. The stretchable fabric accommodates glasses beneath the mask without discomfort, as it sits atop them. Combat fog and moisture issues effortlessly, with the mask pulling down below your nose or mouth as per your preference. Plus, the breathable material prevents overheating, ensuring that your hunting face mask adapts seamlessly to your chosen hunting style.

Say farewell to the frustrations of cutting holes in your masks or settling for inadequate sound access. Bid adieu to messy face paints that hinder your comfort in the wild. The OGIE™ Mask provides complete concealment without compromising your crucial hunting sense—your hearing. Make the OGIE™ Mask your trusted camouflage hunting face mask and eliminate any disadvantage during your hunting endeavors.

Experience the OGIE™ Mask: Hear Everything, Miss Nothing, and enjoy the benefits of our US Patent Number US D919240 S.


 3-Step Instructions: